Tournament Rules Version 2004

1. All tournaments will be team events. A team will consist of one or two persons and one boat. A participant under the age of sixteen must be teamed with an adult over the age of 18. When a 'team' registers in their first event of the year, they will be known as that team for the remaining events. All substitution, definition, points and competition rules will be applied to that team as a unit.

2. All participants must have a valid Nova Scotia fishing license.

3. Each team member must meet and comply with all the safety requirements of the Canadian Coast Guard. All teams are required to practice safe boating, sportsmanlike conduct and courtesy to all non competitors who may also be using the tournament waters. Each team member is required to have in the boat a Canadian Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD). All participants are required to wear an approved PFD (must be fastened) while the combustion engine is in operation. If so equipped, a kill switch must be operational and used when the engine is in operation. As new Coast Guard regulations are introduced, they will automatically apply within this rule.

4. A boat must be used in all tournaments sponsored by this club. A boat is defined as a small open vessel or water craft powered by oars, paddles or motor. Each boat must a 'livewell' to keep a limit of fish alive for the duration of the tournament. An acceptable minimum for a livewell will be: a Coleman / Rubbermaid type container with cover, in this container there must be some means of aeration such as a portable or fixed aerator. Water changes, though recommended during the day, will not be accepted as the only means of aeration. The tournament committee must find the system adequate. Although not part of this rule, SSBM strongly recommends the use of a Bass Alive or other catch and release product in the livewell. The strictness of this rule is to ensure minimal damage and/or stress to our fish.

5. Only artificial lures can be used. No 'live bait' or 'prepared bait' will be permitted with the exception of pork rinds etc. Only one rod and reel may be used at any given time but others may be rigged and ready for use in the boat. No trolling or dragging is permitted.

6. Tournament waters will be Off-Limits after dusk of the Sunday preceding the event.

7. Each team will be permitted to weigh in a limit of FIVE smallmouth bass with a minimum length of nine inches, measured from a pinched tail to the tip of the snout. No team will come to the weigh in with more than five fish in their possession. A 1/4 lb (0.25 lb or 4 oz) penalty will be deducted from the total weight for one dead fish or any fish the Tournament Committee deems unfit for release after the tournament.  A fish submitted for a weigh-in that does not meet the minimum nine-inch length will not be weighed and a 1/4 lb (0.25 lb or 4 oz) penalty per short fish will be deducted from the total weight. Competitors who have not reached the official checkpoint by the designated return times will be penalized at a rate of 1 (one) lb (16 oz) per minute that they are late. Teams more than five minutes late will be disqualified for that tournament. Tournament standings will be in accordance with the total weight of fish weighed in by the weigh master.

8. Tournament waters will be determined by the Tournament Committee for each tournament. Fishing may take place anywhere on the tournament waters except within 25 yards of another boat (this means that you may not cast your lure to an area within 25 yards of another boat) unless permitted by the other team or 25 yards in front of another boat drifting or using its trolling motor along the shoreline. All competitors must remain in their boat at all times except in a dire emergency. All fishing must be done from within the boat. NOTE: it is very much common sense and courtesy not to 'hop' around another competitor then cut them off closely on a shoreline when fishing that shoreline

9. Each boat will be inspected by the Tournament Committee prior to each tournament. The following will be checked: PFD's, livewells and paddles. All tournaments will be a trickle start with the order determined by a draw prior to blast off. South Shore Bassmasters is not liable for any losses of equipment, injury or death during the tournament. It is also recommended that every boat have appropriate liability insurance coverage.

10. All protests must be lodged prior to the completion of the weigh in. All decisions by the Tournament Committee are final.

11. The South Shore Bassmasters Champions' competition is based on all scheduled team tournaments held during the season. If one team member cannot participate in a tournament then the remaining team member can fish alone or use a one time only substitution. If a team uses more than one substitution during the year then that team will be removed from overall point standings for that year. All points will stay with the boat. The South Shore Bassmasters Champions will be determined by the accumulation of points received in each tournament. To accumulate points you must be a club member AND you must have joined the club prior to fishing your first event with SSBM. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the season will be declared the winner and Team of The Year Champions. Prizes at each tournament will be cash (cheque) down to fifth place (minimum/ maximum tenth), trophies down to fifth place and point accumulations down to fifteenth place.

12. Entry fees will be paid as a team whether one or two entrants. Lunker pool entries will be an automatic part of entry fee.

13. No alcohol or illicit drugs will be permitted in the boat during the tournament; anyone caught with these items will be banned from further competition that year.

14. The use of underwater visual aids (i.e., Aquaviews, etc) is not allowed during tournament hours.

15. All rules have loopholes; it is the intention of the Tournament Committee to provide an honest sportsmanlike tournament. For the interest of good sportsmanship competitors are reminded that the spirit of the rule will prevail in all judgment cases.

POINT STRUCTURE: Fifteen points for 1st place, one point for 15th place, scaled in between. Five points for each tournament fished. One point for each fish weighed up to the maximum five fish.

Rules by 1998 rules committee. Chair Mark Weare, members: Ken Minard, Dennis Lavender, Millage Weare, Ed Corkum and Leigh Weare

Amended March 2002

Amended April 2003

Amended April 2004

Amended February 2006